IEEE CS – Carnival

The CS Carnival is a signature event of IEEE CS CUI that is organized every semester during Student Week. It is obvious how hectic the routine of a student can be. So, in order to give them some time away from their tiring academic lives, CS holds tons of events during Student Week. While there are technical talks and workshops that are different every semester, we have two main events that have become our tradition.

IEEE RAS – Robian

Robian is a platform for roboticists (students, teachers, researchers, and hobbyists) to come together, learn, share their ideas, help others, collaborate and showcase their skills in various categories of the robotics contest. This event serves as the unified portal for all these activities. Workshops/seminars, and several tutorial sessions were conducted along with discussion of various aspects of robot design and programming.
Department of Electrical Engineering, CUI Islamabad hosted ROBIAN 2018 COMSATS 8th Annual Robotics Contest on 14th – 16th December 2018 in Seminar Hall, AB-I. For the first time in the history of COMSATS, ROBIAN was held at a national level and turned out to be one of the biggest robotic competition of CUI. A total of 130 teams participated with around 400 students, out of which 14 teams were from outside universities. Additionally, there were 10 student ambassadors.
ROBIAN’19 held on 6th, 7th, 9th December 2019 had an even bigger turnout with around 177 teams participating and 500+ students, out of which 27 teams were from outside universities. There were 20 student ambassadors.
Each year, the popularity of ROBIAN increases as the students become more competitive and enthusiastic to compete in these robotic competitions, increasing their knowledge along the way as well as promoting teamwork.

IEEE WiE – Techno Fest

Techno Fest is IEEE COMSATS University Islamabad’s mega national event where we invite universities from all over Pakistan to our campus for a day to become a part of yearly festivities. Techno Fest is an event that is scattered all over the university premises and riddled with a variety of technical and non-technical events. In Techno Fest 2019, WiE and other student chapters of IEEE CUI collaborated to organize eleven events in the course of a single day. IEEE WiE Techno Fest is truly an event like none other!

IEEE EMBS – Insights of Bioinformatics and Biosciences

Every start of semester marks the start of a signature event Insights of Bioinformatics and Biosciences, hosted by IEEE EMBS with full zeal and zest. This event takes place primarily to shed light for the new students that have just entered this domain of their major fields and have numerous queries about their future and correlation with other majors. To help the fresh but confused minds out, EMBS holds an enlightening and instructive session on the departmental level including all the students of the early semesters and the honorable faculty members as the audience. This event is added every semester in the department’s newsletter and spread around campus as a model to follow giving an inspirational prototype of how a senior-junior relationship can flourish.

IEEE PES – IEEE PES Zero Hunger Day

The Power and Energy Society is one of the world’s leading organizations in pursuit of making sustainable and eco-friendly technology. In order to commemorate its foundation, PES Day is celebrated around the world in every section of IEEE. Similar to our fellow branches around the world, IEEE PES COMSATS University, Islamabad also holds nothing back in the effort to celebrate the annual PES Day. Our celebrations of PES Day aren’t just a way to applause the work done by PES in the past, but also educate students on the ventures of the chapter and how they can become a part of it.