The Islamabad IEEE Section is located in Region 10, Islamabad. It was formed on February 12, 2000. IEEE Islamabad Section is involved in promoting activities that fall under IEEE focused areas. Numerous vibrant IEEE technical societies from all over Islamabad are working under IEEE Islamabad Section including Geo-Science and Remote Sensing Society, Aerospace Society, Power Engineering Society, Computer Society and Communication Society.

Encouraging IEEE activities among engineering students and catering to their technological and creative needs has always been the sole purpose of IEEE Islamabad. 26 IEEE Student Branches are actively working under IEEE Islamabad Section so that we can show our future scientific leaders, while they are studying, to the vast community of IEEE all around the world.

Our Glorious History
  • 1994

    The seed of IEEE Islamabad section was sown when IEEE Lahore Section decided to hold INMIC 1994 Conference in NUST Rawalpindi (College of EME) where twelve IEEE members from Rawalpindi/Islamabad section attended the conference. In one of our side meetings during this conference, we decided to pursue the formation of IEEE Sub-Section Islamabad

  • 1996

    Dr. Akbar started the process with Lahore Section in 1996 when we reached 20 IEEE members in Islamabad/Rawalpindi Region. It took almost one year to complete the process along with the demarcation of the boundaries between Lahore and Islamabad Sections.

  • 1997

    The founding team of Islamabad Sub- Section gathered in the Conference Room of PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) in 1997 where Dr. Akbar was elected as the Founding Chairman and Air Cdre Mansoor Malik was elected as Vice-Chairman of the IEEE Islamabad section.

  • 1999

    With extensive networking activities, we completed 50 members in 1999 to qualify for a separate IEEE Section and thus separated from Lahore Section.

  • 2000

    In the year 2000 at the new millineum Dr. Akbar was elected Chairman and Air Cdre Mansoor Maliik as Vice-Chairman as well as head of the New Membership Drive.

  • 2004

    In year 2004 the transition of Chairman from Dr. Akbar to Air Cdre Mansoor Malik was achieved very smoothly.

  • 2005

    Year 2005 was a memorable year IEEE Islamabad Section where our membership numbers crossed the mark of 200 along with more than 10 Student Chapters all over our region.

  • 2006

    In 2006 IEEE Islamabad Section was awarded the Best Small Section in Asia Pacific Region 10. In 2006 Air Cdre Mansoor Malik was nominated the Regional Director IEEE Aerospace & Electronics Systems Society (AESS) for a period of two years.

  • 2008

    AVM Saleem Tariq takes over as Chairman IEEE Islamabad Section in 2008 and continues with the momentum to be recognized once again through the Best Section Award in Asia Pacifc Region 10 in the year 2009.

  • 2010

    In year 2010 VC CUST (ex-MAJU) Dr. Mansoor takes over IEEE Islamabad and sets new goals to achieve high standards in the next three years followed by an outstanding leadership by Dr. Aftab Maroof , Director FAST Islamabad for the next three years.

  • 2017

    On 18th May 2017, Dr. Aftab Maroof handed over the chairperson’s seat to Dr. Amir Qayyum from CUST.

  • present

    Dr Amir Qayyum is now leading the section with a renewed vision and focus.