The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) is a chapter of IEEE COMSATS University Islamabad that focuses on exploring latest development and research in the field of energy and power. This society strives for advancement and implementation of information on energy, and power in order to engineer better equipment and systems. It also aims to educate both the members associated with this field as well as the general public. By attaining its goals, the society hopes to bring betterment to the world and help individuals seeking careers in this field as well as enhance their skills and knowledge.


  • Free subscription to Power and Energy Magazine – An award winning magazine from IEEE PES.
  • Free subscription to Electrification magazine.
  • Free access to PES Resource Center filled with thousands of technical reports, tutorials and videos.

Advisor’s Message

IEEE Power and Energy Society Comsats University Islamabad aims to provide scientific and engineering information on electric power and energy, for the betterment of society. It is part of the world’s largest forum for sharing the latest technological developments in the electric power industry. We provide a professional platform for students to innovate and experiment with new ideas while giving them every opportunity to learn and enhance their technical skills in this emerging field. As the faculty advisor for IEEE PES CUI, I would highly recommend that students join this society, enhance their skill sets and use this as their chance to serve humanity. Not to mention, all students should partake in some activities that lie outside their theoretical curriculums, as this allows them to see the world beyond the confines of their classrooms.

Sir Imran Saeed Lodhi

MEET PES Executive Committee