Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) is a chapter of IEEE COMSATS University Islamabad that serves as a home for individuals looking to refine their understanding of Robotics and Automation. It aims to maintain a high professional standard of skills and knowledge among its members, by bringing about new innovations and focusing on both theoretical and practical activities. By doing so, the society aims to help advance and spread the scientific and technological knowledge of this field, and benefit the society and the robotics field in general.


  • A chance to learn about electronics at all levels of expertise through the IEEE RAS Robotics Club.
  • Learning about all the latest advancements in the robotics field.
  • Volunteers are trained for different global robotics competitions.
  • An opportunity to take part in the various national level robotics competition arranged by IEEE RAS (such as ROBIAN) for learning and practicing purposes.

Advisor’s Message

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Comsats University Islamabad always makes sure to provide a professional platform to the students to improve their technical skills and to innovate new ideas, using their diverse talents, in the field of robotics. By organizing various technical seminars, workshops and competitions, students learn a lot about relevant theoretical concepts and their practical applications. As a faculty advisor for IEEE RAS CUI, I’ll highly encourage students to join this society and be recognized for what they’re best at doing. I have seen remarkable efforts of students working day and night to improve the field of robotics. The working environment is professional and adjustable for everyone so that every member put maximum efforts for advancement of robotics.

DR Omer Ahmed