Arduino Workshop (2020)

Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. It consists of a programmable board and an accompanying IDE, used to program components of a robotics project such as lights, motors, motion sensors etc.

It is due to its growing popularity amongst electronic engineering beginners, that the IEEE RAS held a workshop introducing the platform to such students on 11th March, 2020. The speaker for the event was Mr. Chaudhary Athar Mehmood. Who, through his presentation covered what Arduino is, its benefits and its types, its components, their functionalities, how to use it and how to start coding with its IDE.

Following this Mr. Mehmood opened the floor to the participants, going over several tasks that they were interested in, along with answering any questions they had. Finally, he outlined some ways that the audience could practice on their own, and concluded the event by thanking the gathered students.

How to study effectively & enjoy campus life?

IEEE RAS presented a workshop on “How to study effectively & enjoy campus life?” on the 04th of September, 2019. The speaker for the event was Mr. Chaudhary Athar Mehmood who shared his own unique student experiences and observations regarding the subject with the audience. In his time on stage he mainly focused on the universities grading system, conflict resolution and how to maintain a healthy work life balance. After which the floor was opened to questions ensuring that all the attendees concerns were covered.

IEEE RAS Boot Camp.

 IEEE RAS Boot Camp was held on 27th September 2019, under the supervision of IEEE CUI Chairperson Mr. Hassham Hafeez, Vice Chair Mr. Chaudhary Athar Mehmood and IEEE RAS CUI Chapter Chair Miss. Izma Naveed. The main topic of the session was “How to work in a society?” and “What would be expected of them as a part of IEEE RAS?”. Queries and concerns were addressed, suggestions noted, and tasks assigned. The Session was quite effective as the new recruits networked amongst themselves and gained an understanding of the role they were to play within the society.


The biannual IEEE RAS Ice-Breaking Session was held on 20th September, 2019 under the supervision of the Chapter Chair Miss. Izma Naveed at COMSATS University Islamabad.

The idea behind the event, as always, was to introduce the new recruits to IEEE CUI and their fellow volunteers. The session also allowed the recruits to have chance become comfortable in this new environment and interact with the other society members.

The session proved to be quite effective in ‘breaking the ice’ between the attendees, as introductions were made, new ideas were discussed and various games were played to maximize the potential of the event. The event passed without incident and was judged to be a massive success.

Robian 2019 Robot Sumo Workshop.

On 26th November, 2019 IEEE RAS held a Robot Sumo Workshop in relation to Robian 2019.  The purpose of the event was in order to brief all the competitors taking part in the Robot Sumo Competition at the upcoming Robian event. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Chaudhary Athar Mehmood who covered the rules & regulations of the competition, made several suggestions on component selection and gave a complete coding tutorial. After which a question and answer session was held. The work shop adequately prepared all participants to individually construct a complete sumo robot. The workshop was incredibly informative and resulted in an overwhelming and positive student response.